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What is Heyevent?

Heyevent helps you find concerts, theatres, art exhibitions, sport event, conferences, and other events.

By signing in with Facebook, you can get personal recommendations on interesting events in your city.

The recommendations are based on Facebook events that you've been to before, which makes the tips super relevant and unique to just you. currently has 97 280 events.

Cities with many upcoming events

  1. London 4454 event
  2. City of London 2964 event
  3. Manchester 773 event
  4. Birmingham 584 event
  5. Glasgow 536 event
  6. Cardiff 503 event
  7. Bristol 443 event
  8. Edinburgh 433 event
  9. Leeds 392 event
  10. Sheffield 341 event
  11. Brighton 317 event
  12. Gateshead 298 event
  13. Belfast 258 event