What is Heyevent?

Heyevent is United Kingdom's largest event guide. We help you find concerts, art exhibitions, partys, sport events, and other events in your city and all over the UK.

The website currently has 0 events.

How does Heyevent work?

We have built up an advanced recommendation system that is used to calculate personal event recommendations. The recommendation algorithm uses data on what a user has been to before, as well as what events the user has liked on Heyevent, to calculate unique recommendations for each user, which results in recommendations that are extremely relevant.

As a member, you can choose to get a weekly e-mail with recommendations on the week's upcoming events that are the most interesting to you.

How can I get my own event onto the site?

Heyevent uses Facebook events, and to get your event onto the website, all you have to do is to sign in to Heyevent using Facebook, and the event should appear within an hour. To update information about an event, you should update that info on Facebook, and the changes will appear on Heyevent within a day or two.

Please note that we only include events that have their Facebook privacy setting set to Public.

Who runs Heyevent?

Jonatan Heyman is developer & designer, and is the one who have created and runs Heyevent.

Ted Valentin is advisor & investor.

Contact us

To contact us, please visit the Contact page.