BOSSY 2017

BOSSY 2017

ooh baby we're back

you don't have to love me
you don't even have to like me
but you will respect me
you know why?
~ cuz i'm a boss ~

all female/non-binary D.Js playing all female/non-binary artists
come down to the mash house for a night of the best lady jams!

beyoncé // eve // nicki minaj // rihanna // ashanti // kelis // no doubt // xtina // kesha // yeah yeah yeahs // aretha franklin // salt n peppa// t swift // lil kim // sleater-kinney // missy elliot // robyn // speedy ortiz // the ...

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217 attendees (None invited)


The Mash House
37 Guthrie Street (Hastie's Close)