The Strength-Tec Challenge

The Strength-Tec Challenge

This will be the first Strength-Tec Challenge Competition, please enter according to your ability.

Events will be:


VIKING PRESS MAX - Starting at 80kg, holding at shoulders 10kg will be added either side until failure.

YOKE - 260kg yoke, 15m drop and turn

Car deadlift frame FOR REPS - 220/240kg TBC

OVERHEAD MEDLEY - 80kg Axel, 90kg Log, 50kg Monster DB, 70kg plate loaded barrel to be done in any order. 75s time limit.

FRAME CARRY - 200/220kg TBC 15m drop and turn

FRONT HOLD for ...

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52 attendees (None invited)


Strength-Tec, Fareham
Lysses Court,