SMSA Solat Hajat and Yasin recitation

SMSA Solat Hajat and Yasin recitation

Assalamualaikum everyone! After all your hard work studying for the upcoming exams, let's pray together and make dua' for the best! May Allah grant our wishes and shower us with His countless blessings. Don't forget to invite your friends! :)

The (estimated) tentative programme:
6:30 pm- Solat isya' in congregation
6:40 pm- Solat sunat rawatib
6:45 pm- Solat sunat Hajat in congregation
6:55 pm- Short tazkirah
7:00 pm- Yasin recitation
7:20 pm- Food will be served

Please bring your own sejadah ...

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30 attendees (None invited)