Religion: Event II "Enter Valhalla"

Religion: Event II "Enter Valhalla"


- Dj AniMe as Hel, Queen of the Underworld
- Audiofreq as Thor, God of Thunder
- DJ Dougal as Freyer, the God of Fertility
- Joey Riot as Loki, the trickster
- Klubfiller as Forseti the God of Justice
- Cally as Odin the God Of War
- Organ Donors as Vili & Vé the Gods of Creation
- Callum Higby as Njord the Sea God
- SPYRO as Vidar the God of Revenge
- Haywire as Ullr - the God of the Hunt
- Mc Storm as Dagr the God of Sunlight.
- MC Enemy as Bragi the God of ...

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