Inter-Dojo Challenge & EOY Seminar

Inter-Dojo Challenge & EOY Seminar

The inter-dojo challenge!

Q) What is it??
A) Each dojo can submit teams to represent their dojo to enter in to a team kata competition. Multiple teams are fine.

Q) What are the divisions?
A) Adults 18 +, 3 males or 3 females
Kids 17 or under - mixed gender.

Q) Can we mix grades?
A) Absolutely! In fact I encourage it. We already have an orange, brown and 1st dan in a team!

Q) What Kata must I do?
A) Any - there are no restrictions

Q) How is it scored.
A) Using the flag system. 2 teams ...

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69 attendees (None invited)


Joseph Chamberlain College
1 Belgrave Rd