【Xiang Taiwanese Food Fair | 饗台灣美食節】

【Xiang Taiwanese Food Fair | 饗台灣美食節】

Want to try Taiwanese food? We will be bringing you traditional Taiwanese street food and refreshing drinks from the other side of the world to within walking distance in the city! Bring your friends along!

想念台灣的美食嗎? 學生會將準備好台灣味等你來! 希望透過此活動,能讓在異鄉生活的同鄉人,以及對於台灣有興趣的朋友們,找到一些家鄉的味道。帶你的朋友一起來玩吧!

**Tickets available only in advance **
- Members £5 / Non-members £8
- Not available at the door

1st Session 11:00-13:00
2nd Session 14:00-16:00

26 attendees (None invited)


Teviot Row House
13 Bristo Square